About Us

 Welcome to Maison de Camille, the woman-led business where classic sophistication meets inspired glamour.  Our journey began with a vision to create jewelry that embodies timeless elegance, vibrancy and a touch of glamour.  We believe in the power of jewelry to transform moments into memories, and that belief drives everything we do.
We draw inspiration from the classics, infusing them with a modern twist to create jewelry that stands the test of time.  Each piece we craft or carry is the result of inspiration drawn from history, art and fashion from around the world, ensuring that our collections are always fresh and captivating.  
Our jewelry is designed to add a vibrant touch to your life, be it through the sparkle of crystals and gemstones or the timeless allure of gold and silver.  We strive to make every piece a statement of luxury, whether it's with our fine or fun pieces.
Collaborating with you is our joy.  We offer custom design services to create pieces that are uniquely yours, ensuring your vision becomes a lasting reality.
Thank you for choosing Maison de Camille to be part of your journey.  We look forward to adorning your life with elegance, vibrancy and glamour!
Kerri Watson