Too early?  Maybe, but given everything I've been reading about the fast-approaching gift-giving season, getting your hands on the perfect gifts is going to be just as difficult this year as last.  

So, with that in mind, I've put together my Top 5 Must-Have Jewelry Gifts for the Holidays so you can start early and score.  If you love gold with a retro vibe, you're in luck because this season is all about shine, bold and gold.


No. 1 Gold Hoops.  

Hoops of every size from dainty daily-wears to giant shoulder grazers, but the most current shape is the Racetrack oval.  Its shape is sleek and super comfy to wear.

No. 2.  Gold Herringbone Chains.  

Hello, Herringbone? 80's calling!  They're being seen in plain, braided, thin and thick.  Herringbone is everywhere.  I've even seen it laser engraved for a personalized touch (see No 5).

No. 3.  Coloured Stone Earrings.  

Not since 1984 have I seen so many beautiful jewel-tones!  I wish I had a photo of my mega-nice royal blue satin blouse, high wasted wide leg cream slacks and royal blue boots to show you!  (Well, maybe not!)  Greens of every shade from spruce to peridot and olive, are strong again this year but also joined by fuchsia, royal, orange and purple.  All these jewel hues look best in, well, jewels of course, so grab some flash earrings, set in gold and get your glam on!

No. 4.  Heavy Gold Bracelets.  

The wrist stacking trend continues but ratchet up the heft with chunky gold pieces.  Say, see-ya to dainty little bracelets and go big.  Again, a nod to 80's style is seen with heavy cable links, rope and mariner, but not worn alone.  You'll be able to shorten your workout time on arm day as you'll be getting your reps in with your bracelet lbs.

No. 5.  Personalized Gold Pendants.  

This trend continues to climb in everything from Carrie Bradshaw-esqe name plates to individual gold letters.  Plain or emblazoned with diamonds, use these little letters to signify anything from a push-present to self-love.


So, did you get the memo?  Shiny, bold gold with a retro vibe and jewel colours are what's on the list for jewelry this holiday season.

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  • Looking through your website and starting my holiday shopping list now!


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